Back from Adventures of the Summer

So finally… I manage to make it back in front of the blog.







I have been away doing a number of events over the summer. My travels have taken me far and wide making new scouting friends.

Back in the end of July, I went to visit a Scottish scout troop called 1st Hopeman in Great Tower just off lake Windermere. I spent the week being part of the troop and offering leadership support for 16 young people who have never been in England before. They got involved in a range of activities where they made new friends, visited old slate mines, got wet, and pushed them selves to new heights in their self development. I was loved so much, the troop asked me to be an honorary Scout Leader for the troop. :-)

Unfortunately whilst I was there I got a little over excited and base jumped off a camp fire circle. This led to me tearing two ligaments in my ankle. But that said, it didn’t stop me. The next day we went shopping and I got carted around Morrisons in Kendal by the troop. Driving skills were lacking as I was heading into shelves and tables… Never the less chaos was created!

I came back from Great Tower later than planned and had a week’s rest at work.

Modified 1

“Pink and Proud!”

My next trip took me and the 8th Salisbury (Methodist) Scout Troop to Kent International Jamboree 2013 (KIJ 2013). 6,500 participants were camping with us at Kent Showground, just outside Maidstone.

Got off to a pretty rocky start! Seriously ? The ground was nothing but rock. This meant that setting up tents were a challenge. To add more fuel to the fire, we forgot the canvas to our mess tent.

After 24 hours of old school dining shelter making skills – our camp was up and running. The jamboree experience was excellent and we were well looked after by the Resolve Sub Camp Team – The Pinkies. The scouts caused more chaos by taking part in the activities on offer. Me, however? Well I was confined to light duties and being chief photographer. That said – I managed to take 400 odd photos!

The best parts for me is going into a decommissioned submarine in Chatham Dockyards and the part where I had driving experience in a dodgem with fellow leader, Ed! Lets just say I have the seat belt marks on my neck still.

So there it is – my summer adventures!

So what have you been up to this summer?

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