I am your leader… but I am no expert!

I have had a few things in my head this past couple of weeks about leadership skills and experience.

One of my many roles in The Scout Association allows me to take a steer and a lead on Explorer Scout Young Leaders within my local area. My job is simple: train, coach, and lead young people through a recognised young leader scheme.

Sounds like an easy role, doesn’t it?

It can be, but at times it can be rather difficult.

These ‘young leaders’ are known to the outside world as 14 to 18 year old teenagers! When I mention the age ranges, some adults that have parental experience think I am nuts!? On the contrary, I am not a head case just yet…

So why do I do this role? I have always been into working with young people since the age of 21. I can still remember what I was like when I was their age and the opportunities I had open to me. So my objective is simple; ensure that every young person I work with gets the chance to grow and develop with the opportunities on offer to them.

“I am your leader… but I am no expert!”

A big part of Young Leader training is learning to master good leadership skills.

Leadership skills are not something you are born with. Training someone to possess good leadership skills takes time, patience, and experience. Often, young people and adults alike presume that if you sit a training course session that you will automatically develop the leadership skills when you leave the room. For me, training comes in 2 parts:

  • ‘The learning part’ – This is where a trainee would learn the core principles of the skills they’re going to need to gain competence. This normally comes in the form of a training course, group discussion, or online/qualification learning. Once the course is complete, the trainee would have gained a working understanding of how to use these new skills effectively.
  • ‘The application part’ or ‘validation’ – This is where the trainees takes what has been learned from ‘the learning part’ and consolidate this knowledge with working experience. Development and confidence comes once they have gained sufficient experience of applying their new skills/competencies in real situations.

As a facilitator of training for Young Leaders, I am often asked whether I would consider training professionally? The truth is – I am no expert!

But I am an experienced leader in delivering a fun and exciting scout-based programme. Does this make every leader in scouting a leadership expert?

What’s your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

‘Til next time,


Kris McCabe
Certified Salesforce.com Advanced Administrator (ADM211 & ADM201) & DocuSign Administrator, Data Management Professional
Data is the life blood of any business. To the modern business, data is the crucial fluid that carries nutrients (information) to those business functions that consume it.

Kris is a certified data management professional, with strong experience working with data systems within sales and marketing divisions. Kris has been involved in a range of data related projects from data migrations to system implementations. He is responsible as the system administrator for a number of data systems that includes Salesforce.com, DocuSign, Pardot, and previously Oracle CRM on Demand.

Kris is an ADM201 Certified Salesforce.com Administrator, ADM211 Certified Salesforce.com Advanced Administrator, Certified DocuSign Administrator, and a professional member of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (MBCS).

Kris also volunteers for The Scout Association on various youth projects both locally and nationally.

Kris’ Salesforce certifications can be verified here: http://certification.salesforce.com/verification?&fullname=Kris%20McCabe

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