When the car gets a rocking… it usually mean’s my fuel gauge is stuck!

So I had a little bit of car trouble this week.








This is my lovely car. A Peugeot 407 1.6 litre diesel that has a fairly large fuel tank. 66 litres to be exact! For the last week my car has been telling me that I had three quarters of fuel in the tank. On Friday, I went to the local garage to fill up the car with diesel. To my surprise I only spent £7.84 to fill up the tank.

I did not believe the tank was full, so I proceed to filling it up more by holding the pump trigger at halfway. The pump clicked again and this time I could visibly see the diesel in the tank leveling out at full. Went to the kiosk to pay, got back in the car, and turned the ignition…








The tank as you can see was registering still at three quarters full. What the hell just happened? I could not of lost £40.00 of diesel just by stepping into the car!

So I got to work… The first thing I did was put an SOS post on my Facebook to see if anyone had come across this problem. A friend suggested the fuel system may have an air lock and suggested that I loosen the fuel cap and rock the car. So I undid the fuel camp and turned on Metallica as loud as the car radio could go… just kidding!

At lunch time I went and tried out my friends suggestion. After lots of rocking the back of the car and some weird looks from passers by, the fuel gauge did not budge. Defeated and slightly frustrated, I headed back to the internet searching for a solution. Surprisingly there was not much out there on how to get rid of an fuel air lock. But I did find out about how the air lock systems worked on the international space station…

Side tracked and now even more frustrated, I decided to see if the air lock would free itself on the drive to see my family up north (when I say up north, I mean further than Oxford). Got about 10 miles from the start of the journey got caught up in traffic. After pulling away from a roundabout junction, I put the car in 1st and ragged it to 3000 revs and boom… the gauge read a full tank!

The morale of this story is simple, if you think you got air lock in your fuel system, rock the car by the rear suspension and loosen that fuel cap. Add a dash of high revs and your car will get rid of that air lock like a guy with bad fart gas!

Have you ever solved a problem using an unusual solution?

Until next time,


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