Young people ask questions that leave you puzzled…seriously!

As an Outdoor Activity Instructor, I interact with a lot of young people in Scouting, Guiding, and local youth groups. But on each session I get asked some strange questions!


Most of these questions seem to pop up in my Archery or Air-Rifle Sessions. I think its mainly because they get over excited at the fact that they can play with weapons for real, rather than a game console.

So below are a couple of questions I have been asked in the past that have made me chuckle quietly:

1. Are we using real Bows, Arrows, Air Rifles, Ammunition?

2. Have you ever shot someone?

3. Can we try that trick of shooting an apple on someone’s head?

4. What would happen if you shot someone by accident with an Arrow/Pellet?

5. If I give you 50p, can I buy an Arrow to show my parents?

6. Is your name really ‘Kris’?

7. What do you mean don’t pick up that Bow/Air Rifle until you tell me to?

8. What would happen if I took the safety off?

9. When you say ‘fire at Will’, is that allowed? (There was a person called Will in the group).

10. What would happen if I shot an Arrow at a tree?

11. Are you Hawk Eye?

12. Because I play Call of Duty on my Xbox 360, does that count as doing Archery/Air Rifles previously?

13. The leader said that whilst we are here you are god – what is the meaning of life?

14. Have you ever met Chuck Norris?

15. Can you shoot all the Arrows at once?

16. You sound like you come from France… are you French?

17. Have you ever been shot by someone?

18. Can I shout “You have failed this City” when I let go of my arrow?

19. Do you like Justin Beiber? (I mean whats that got to do with Archery/Air Rifles!)

20. How sharp are the Arrows?

For all of these questions there was a witty answer. But I will leave that to your imagination!

What’s the most weirdest question you were ever asked by a kid/young person? 

Until next time,


Kris McCabe
Certified Advanced Administrator (ADM211 & ADM201) & DocuSign Administrator, Data Management Professional
Data is the life blood of any business. To the modern business, data is the crucial fluid that carries nutrients (information) to those business functions that consume it.

Kris is a certified data management professional, with strong experience working with data systems within sales and marketing divisions. Kris has been involved in a range of data related projects from data migrations to system implementations. He is responsible as the system administrator for a number of data systems that includes, DocuSign, Pardot, and previously Oracle CRM on Demand.

Kris is an ADM201 Certified Administrator, ADM211 Certified Advanced Administrator, Certified DocuSign Administrator, and a professional member of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (MBCS).

Kris also volunteers for The Scout Association on various youth projects both locally and nationally.

Kris’ Salesforce certifications can be verified here:

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